Artist Statement

For me photography is about coming upon a scene or image and harnessing a transformational moment.

A viewer standing in my spot at that decisive moment shares a visual language of light, form, texture and feeling.

Each picture captures a narrative that might have been lost. It is a moment in time that I can hold on to or share and re-experience whenever I need to.


Downtown Bart Art Walk

Lower Manhattan District, New York, NY

Spring 2003

Brought together downtown artist, downtown establishment and the public.

BWAC: Brooklyn Waterfront Artist Coalition

Red Hook, Brooklyn, New York

Group Shows:

Spring and Fall            2004

Spring and Summer    2005

Spring and Fall            2006

Summer                       2007

Spring and Summer    2008

Spring                          2009

Photographic Gallery

Front Street, New York, New York

Winter 2007

Group Show “We Cover the Waterfront”

SDCA: Seaport District Cultural Association

Front Street, New York, New York.

Spring 2007

Group Show “Downtown Artists”

AKO: Architectural Objects for the Body

Front Street, New York, New York

Winter 2008

Group Show “Brooklyn Bridge”